August 26th with Abby Moneyhun

While exciting things were happening at the business level… on a personal level Abby’s life was falling out from beneath her feet. A marriage she had poured a majority of her life into was ending against her control. Abby went into a state of shock, followed by sadness and depression.  Her inability to deal with the stresses of these unexpected life changes resulted in severe health issues.  Something about facing her own mortality gave her the realization there is much more to life than working it away to achieve material “success”. Abby made the conscious decision to change her physical situation, to heal her body and mind.  Her life had been focused on energies like oil and gas, and with these changes in her life now new energies became clear and present as she was awakened to human energies, vibrational frequencies, and the power of healing. She delved into numerology with a natural knowing powered from a place deep within her core. Her passions found while studying numerology led to her natural ability to help others struggling with life challenges. When she spoke, her voice was heard. Her strength grew. Abby focused on healing herself.  She knew she needed to be whole and healthy to aid others. She has since philanthropically coached individuals suffering from health, relationship, financial issues and helped them understand we are humans living on a “Planet of Emotion” and simply having a “human” experience. She became Reiki certified during which both of her teenage sons opened up to such views and practices gaining their certifications as well and getting in touch with their individual gifts of healing. If there is one thing in her human experience that has brought her the most genuine human emotion, it is being a mother to her two very special, brilliant sons. Abby has most recently been recognized for her leadership skills, brainstorming skills, philanthropic contributions and was also named as one of People Magazines most beautiful 44 year olds in the nation in 2012.  When you’re around her you will feel this message…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  Her philosophy is:  Breathe Deep, Smile a LOT and SAVOR THE MOMENTS!!

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