Nov 25 Demonology with Al Willen

Demonology with New York City’s own, Al Willen.  During the day, Al is an engineer, computer programmer, and president of an Internet Promotional/Marketing company … and the producer and host of the weekly music radio show, “Al Minion’s Rockin’ House Party.” He is also a paranormal investigator with over 45 years experience, and a Demonologist. (His grandfather was a Demonologist at the Vatican Rome.) Currently writing a series of paranormal books from his knowledge gained from living in various “haunted houses” and investigations, Mr. Willen specializes in spirit rescue, and extreme haunting situations involving negative entities such as negative human spirits, demons, and negative elemental forces. He tests paranormal phenomena in light of both spiritual and scientific rigors, planting each foot firmly in both realms. Mr. Willen can be contacted via Facebook, or his radio show’s e-mail:

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