June 17th with Dave Stinnett

Dave Stinnett, a biomedical engineer by trade, is a 35 year veteran of UFO field and archive researcher.

His many areas of research include ancient texts, biblical and extra canonical texts,  ancient civilizations, astronomy, physics and a host of other topics that coincide with the UFO phenomenon.

Dave is very active in world wide ufo studies and is active in eastern U.S. ufology. In keeping with the cutting edge ufology mission of the NJUFOC, Dave was responsible for getting Steve Pierce, from the Travis Walton case, to come out of hiding and speak for the first time at the NJUFOC.

Dave also persuaded the YouTube sensation and western Pa. UFO researcher Alison Kruse, to speak for the first time at the NJUFOC. Dave is active in raising funds for various researchers such as Ted Phillips’ Center For Physical Trace Research and Jose Escamilla’s film projects.

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