Feb 4, 2013 with Peter James Haviland

Peter Haviland has been investigating the paranormal for over 20 years in Houston, Texas and the surrounding cities of Texas. He and his team, Lone Star Spirits have been documented in many books, newspapers, and local/national radio and television. Peter has worked on many projects with his fellow colleagues over the years in support of television projects and research on cases. Peter is often asked to help fellow investigators on cases or consult on cases that colleagues may be having difficulties on. Peter’s natural sense of humor has been enjoyed by many during the conventions and school speaking events he and his team have been invited to. Peter is also an advanced certified clinical hypnotherapist and obtained his certification from Dr. Ed Martin and Cheryl Martin of The PATH Foundation. Through Dr. Ed Martin and his mentor Loyd Auerbach is where Peter gets his understanding and practice of Parapsychology and how it relates to the human condition and paranormal events. Peter has been in practice since 2002 and has just opened his office this July in Houston.

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