January 23, 2012 with Marsha and Morgan Calder

Marsha is Mother to three intuitive children.  Not having words like, “psychic,” “medium,” and, “paranormal,” in her vocabulary, Marsha had a steep learning curve once her children began to describe their experiences with thenon-living realm.  Liking it to a lightning strike three times in the same spot, Calder’s home life could be described as none other than…death defying. Marsha speaks often to other parents of intuitive children.  She shares her parenting experiences and offers tips on how to “consciously parent,” a child with a life view that is often spiritually quite mature.

Marsha’s youngest child, Morgan, is most often remembered as the precocious 10 year-old in the first episode of A&E’s Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.  Tiny, yet fearless, young Morgan has, performed paranormal investigations with psychics Chip Coffey and Chris Fleming, consulted with renown parapsychologist, Loyd Auerbach, reviewed footage with the late, great, Garrett Husveth and ghost hunted with the incomparable, Dan Sturges.  Now 14, Morgan is still very sensitive to the paranormal realm but considers it an attribute much like her hair or eye color.  She no longer allows her intuitiveabilities to define her everyday existence but chooses, instead, to access them on her terms.

Marsha and Morgan live in Las Vegas, Nevada and can be reached at: indigomom@cox.net or 702-419-6905

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