April 30, 2012 Garrett Husveth Tribute Show

Please enjoy a show dedicated to Garrett Husveth, our friend who passed away last year.  Tonight’s show will feature Larry Hewitt and Dan Sturges as well as Gordon Ward, Al Rauber with Loyd Auerbach and Ray Sette on the phone.  Contributions by Bob and Phran Ginsberg of the Forever Family Foundation, Tom and Lisa Butler, author Stacy Horn, Parapsychologist, Pamela Heath, Marsha and Morgan Calder and longtime Haunted NJ Podcast listner Lex Wahl.  Thanks to all who made this show possible with a big thanks to Gordon and Veronica for hosting The PSI Show in their home for the recording.

Garrett was a very special friend to us all.  He touched many lives and I know that personally, my life is better because he was a friend.  Last year I lost a Brother and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and all the laughs we shared.  I know I’m not alone, he had many people who thought of him as family.  He was a very, very special guy and if you were lucky enough to be his friend, you bragged about it.

Along with Garrett I’d like to dedicate this show to his family, especially his beautiful wife and 2 precious daughters who he loved more than words can express.  I used to joke with him that his wife was way out of his league.  He couldn’t help but agree claiming that he was, “the luckiest guy in the world.”  Garrett, my friend, we all were pretty lucky to have you around, don’t be a stranger.


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