Larry Hewitt



After a late night ghostly encounter while a teen, Larry has been studying parapsychology and the paranormal ever since.  Subsequent late night encounters has led to studies in a number of other fields. Mr. Hewitt is the founder of the Afterlife Research Group of New York which has conducted several paranormal investigations, spirit clearings, seances and exorcisms.

Laurence is also the founder of  ACME Paranormal, where he conducts ghost tours, seances, psychic tours, and  teaches workshops in ghost hunting, classes in consciousness and reincarnation. So, when you think Paranormal, think ACME Paranormal, the first name in the paranormal since 1978.

Larry has a certification in Parapsychology from the HCH Institute in California, under the tutelage of master parapsychologist and all around swell guy, Loyd Auerbach.  Laurence is a Fellow of the American Society of Psychical Research, a member of  The Rhine Research Center, as well and the Association of Transcommunication.
Not to mention that chicks love him.

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