The PSI Show

[img src=]1660The Scariest the Merchant's House will every look.
[img src=]340Outside of the Bartow Pell Mansion, Bronx New York
[img src=]400Deonna Kelli Sayed, Nancy Zingrone, Carlos Alvarado
[img src=]540Good friends, Dan Sturges and Loyd Auerbach
[img src=]400Dan Sturges and Nancy Zingrone
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, 2010
[img src=]370Garrett Husveth, Chris Fleming and Loyd Auerbach
"....they work for me, my name's, Charlie."
[img src=]310Carlos Alvarado, Nancy Zingrone, AnnaLisa Ventola, Janet Decker, Loyd Auerbach, Dan Sturges, Russ Noratel, Deonna Kelli Sayed, Vince Wilson, Steve Barrell
[img src=]320Dan Sturges
Watching the sold out crowd file in at the Merchant's House Museum on May 14, 2011.
[img src=]180Loyd Auerbach, Steve Barrell, Dan Sturges
[img src=]190Richard Schoeller
[img src=]220
[img src=]220Larry Hewitt
First Live Broadcast
[img src=]170Larry Hewitt
First Live Broadcast<br />Filled with Knowledge, Fueled by Whiskey.
[img src=]130Edwin May and Loyd Auerbach
At Atlantic University's first annual Parapsychology and Consciousness Convention.
[img src=]140Dan Sturges with Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nelson
Roger Nelson, Phd. Founder of the Global Consciousness Project.
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[img src=]150
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[img src=]120
[img src=]140
[img src=]80
[img src=]70
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